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BEEP – Pakistan’s First WhatsApp-Like Communication App

Beep Pakistan

Web Desk — The Information Technology Ministry has finally launched the Beep – Pakistan’s first communication app for government employees but it will eventually be released to the public as well. Initially the app will cover 41 federal ministries and departments.

The objective is to provide a secure platform as an alternative to WhatsApp and other social media applications. The Beep will be used for secure communication among government employees, offering audio/video calling and video conference features. The app will also allow users to safely transfer sensitive government files.

Initially designed for federal authorities, the app will be available at the provincial level in the second phase. The general public will also be able to use this application at a later stage. This makes Beep Pakistan as the country’s first indigenous social media application.

The government says it is more secure than the alternatives because the application’s server is located in Pakistan. The app’s connectivity has been enabled by 83 new projects initiated with Rs. 79 billion investment.

The IT Minister says that the Beep Pakistan will put an end to audio and video leaks.

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