How to set dynamic Instagram profile picture, including an avatar

instagram profile picture

Web Desk — Now you can set both an image and an avatar as your profile photo on Instagram by using a new dynamic profile photo feature. Instagram tweeted, “You can put your avatar on the other side of your pic and those who visit your profile can flip between the two.” After creating your avatar, you can use it …

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WhatsApp New Camera & Photo Editing Features; Coming Soon!

WhatsApp new camera and photo editing features

Web Desk — World’s popular chatting app WhatsApp is working on several features simultaneously. Though minor but some of them are quite useful updates to the camera and photo editing tool. Both are now available in WhatsApp’s latest beta version. Finally, in its camera action, WhatsApp is going to separate its photo and video recording options. This will let you …

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Baghdad: Protest Against Desecration of holy Quran

Muslims protest against burning of holy Quran

Web Desk — A rally in Baghdad turned violent as people, protesting against the desecration of the holy Quran in Sweden’s capital city Stockholm near the Turkish embassy, tried to move forward to storm the Swedish embassy. According to media reports, the Iraqi police had to push back about 400 protestors who came too close to the Swedish embassy. The …

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Chinese Insulin Approved For Diabetes Patients In Pakistan

Chinese Insulin approved in Pakistan

Web Desk — Diabetes patients in Pakistan now have a choice as the government has approved the insulin glargine injections developed by a Chinese pharmaceutical company. It is the first insulin glargine injection (prefilled injection pen) biosimilar drug in Pakistan, according to the company. For the treatment of diabetes, insulin glargine injection is an essential long-acting insulin analog product for …

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$100,000 Salary: UAE Offers WORLD’S BEST JOB. Are You Interested?

world best job

Web Desk — Known for its life-changing opportunities including tax-free salaries and regular lucky draws that create new millionaires, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is announcing “World’s Best Job”. A tourist destination in Abu Dhabi, Yas Island, introduced the “World’s Best Job” competition, which offers a salary of $100,000 for a two-month role. American actor and comedian Kevin Hart, who …

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YouTube “Shorts Monetization Option” On for Pakistanis Now.

Pakistani can earn money from Youtube Shorts

Web Desk — Finally YouTube comes to inform creators that they will be able to generate ad revenue from their ‘Shorts’ content starting February 1st, as YouTube promised in September last year to launch this monetization option. This can be called a broader update to YouTube’s Partner Program. This requires YouTube partners to sign new agreement terms, whether or not …

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Dubai – Region’s Greatest Place to Work, Live, and Invest

Dubai, world's 5th best place to live

According to Resonance Consultancy’s World’s Best Cities report 2023, Dubai has been ranked the region’s finest and the world’s fifth-greatest place to live. Dubai, UAE’s most modern city, has been ranked first in the category in which weather, security, landmarks, and leisure activities were taken into account. According to the report also described Dubai as a combination of top experiences, …

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New Guidelines For Travellers Carrying Zamzam Water

new guidelines for zamzam water

Web Desk — Government of Saudi Arabia in an order, shocking millions of Muslims around the world, bans carrying Zamzam water bottles by international passengers. According to Saudi media authorities at Jeddah International Airport issued a new circular to all private carriers including Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). As new orders come into effect, passengers traveling for Umrah or Hajj can …

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Moroccan Visit Visa For Pakistanis |Everything You Wanna Know|

Moroccan Visa for Pakistanis

Web Desk — Due to its rich historical background and serene ambiance, Morocco is amongst the top trending countries in terms of travelers. However, Pakistanis, for lack of visa information, find it hard to jet off to the country. It is important to note that those who want to apply for Morocco’s e-visa should have a valid visa from the …

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IDB Conference To Promote Investment In OIC Countries

OIC conference to promote investment

Web Desk — A workshop on the digitization of services in investment promotion agencies in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s member states was held recently by the Islamic Development Bank and the Islamic Center. 32 senior officials from IPAs in 29 member countries of the IDB participated in the two-day workshop to ponder to tackle the technical aspects of enhancing …

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