What Is Green Computing; How Can We Help Save Our Planet?

Green energy

Green computing, also known as green information technology, green IT, sustainable IT, etc is the process or practice by which we try to reduce or decrease the impact of technology on the environment. By minimizing e-waste and promoting the use of renewable resources and motivating the recyclability of digital devices, the destination of green computing can easily be achieved. This …

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How To Recover Deleted Photos From SD Card?

SD Card photo recovery

For your electronic device’s internal storage, SD cards are often used as an extension.In order to take and store numerous digital photos and videos these small external memory cards greatly expand our capacity. SD cards allow you to create extensive libraries of photographs to be viewed at your convenience. With these cards, users enjoy ample space in their devices to …

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71% SMEs Still Doubt Cloud Services’ Data Protection Capability

SMEs scared of Cloud Services

Web Desk – For SMEs data protection is still a barrier to adopting cloud services despite 71% believing that it will be a central part of their businesses in the next five years. European web provider IONOS research has found many SMEs digitally transformed themselves during and after the Pandemic and are more willing to continue driving further benefits. According …

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Will Imran Khan Get Elections By Storming Islamabad?

Imran Khan Long March

M Zaheer (Analysis) — There’s no doubt that Imran Khan’s popularity is growing and he has proved it by winning six out of seven seats in Sunday’s by-elections but what is the next course of action for him? On October 16 by-elections Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) also lost two National Assembly seats – one from Karachi and the second from Multan. …

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Food That Enhance Human Immune System

Food to bolster immune system

Is it true that certain foods are good for a strong immune system? Let’s find out the answer. It should be very clear that there’s no way to “boost” your immune system. Kristin Kirkpatrick, a registered dietitian at Cleveland Clinic, says, “It’s better to say enhancing immunity.” Innate and acquired are the two facets of the human immune system. Your …

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What’s NRO; Who Were Its Beneficiaries; How Was NRO Quashed?

NRO in Pakistan

There is nothing more notorious in Pakistan that the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO). The term NRO simply means safe passage given to the most corrupt people (mainly politicians). NRO came into existence on October 5, 2007 by its creator the then military ruler Pervez Musharraf.It is said that NRO paved the way for the return of Pakistan Peoples Party’s (PPP) …

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The Mystery Behind Cloudburst

cloudburst process

Cloudbust is a natural phenomenon but people know very little about how and when could busts happen. In this article, we will precisely describe what is cloudburst, how such clouds occur and what prompts them to burst. How Does Clouldburst Happen? When an amount of precipitation occurs in a short period of time within a smaller geographical area, cloudbust happens. …

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Learn Content Writing In Few Steps (For Beginners)

learn content writing

Content Writing: Content writing is a vast field. You can write: ArticlesBlogsWebsite content. You will choose only one field and work on it. Initial Steps for content writers: Install the Grammarly extension on your google chrome. This will correct all your grammatical mistakes in case you write in English.Install Duplichekcer: This tool will check plagiarism in your content and you …

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‘Where Rats Don’t Live!’

Where Rats don't live

If you ask me which thing I would like to eradicate from the earth forever? My answer will be ‘rats’. I don’t say everybody will have the same answer to the same question but if you particularly ask them would you like to eliminate rats from earth? Most, if not all, will say yes. This is why people, at any …

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Is Acupuncture Helpful For Depression?

Acupuncture treatment for depression

What Is Acupuncture? Acupuncture is a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapy that involves inserting thin needles into specific points on the body to stimulate the central nervous system. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, acupuncture is most commonly used for pain relief but researchers are also studying whether it can be used to treat other health conditions, …

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