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Pakistani Rupee Shows Resilience Against Dollar Post-Eurobond Payment

Rupee holds firm against dollar

Web Desk — As business activity resumed operations after Eid holidays, the Pakistani Rupee sustained its stability against US Dollar in the foreign exchange market.

Currency dealers surprized to note that despite the payment of $1 billion in Eurobond, the value of the rupee remained steady. The interbank rate saw a slight decrease of 6 paisas, with the dollar now valued at Rs277.88, compared to its previous close at Rs277.95 on the last working day before the Eid holidays.

Following the payment made towards the Eurobond, the stability of the rupee against the US dollar comes as a positive sign for the economy.

Amidst external pressures, this resilience reflects confidence in Pakistan’s financial markets and highlights the effectiveness of monetary policies in maintaining stability.

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