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What Is Green Computing; How Can We Help Save Our Planet?

Green energy

Green computing, also known as green information technology, green IT, sustainable IT, etc is the process or practice by which we try to reduce or decrease the impact of technology on the environment.

By minimizing e-waste and promoting the use of renewable resources and motivating the recyclability of digital devices, the destination of green computing can easily be achieved. This is done in multiple ways by increasing energy efficiency at both the manufacturing and end-user level.

Green computing has a lot of potential and environmentally it is immensely beneficial.
According to credible surveys, between 1.8% and 3.9% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions are attributed to the information and communication technology (ICT) industry. With a 100% increase over the last ten years, data centers now consume 3% of all energy consumed annually.

There are ways that help achieve the objective of green computing. For example, using computers and their peripherals in an energy-efficient and environmentally responsible way.

Green Computing at Home

Buy smart
Energy-efficient equipment will be quite helpful. For the most efficient equipment always look for EPEAT and ENERGY STAR ratings.

As compared to desktops, laptops or tablets are more energy efficient.

Always turn off your computer, monitor, and other electronic devices if not in use.

Prefer power-strip for speakers, scanners, chargers, and other devices; “smart” power strips that have combination outlets (manually switched and always-on) are recommended.

Plug gadgets into power strips and turn them off if not in use.

You should buy “smart” power strips having combination outlets (manually switched and always-on), motion sensors, and other advanced features.

Use Sleep Settings If Computer Is On

You should know that screen savers don’t save energy. So, you have to learn how to use power management settings. For example:

  1. Save resources.
  2. Reconsider printing.
  3. Keep the printer off—only turn it on when you want to print something.
  4. Reduce paper usage.
  5. Print only final copies.
  6. Print double-sided and/or two-up.
  7. Don’t unnecessary emails.

Consolidate Printers

You should responsibly recycle old computers and devices. Either sell or donate it. Try The Freecycle Network. Also, find out the energy-saving practices in your unit.

Other Ways Of Green Computing

Recycling unwanted electronic equipment or properly disposing of it are substitute ways of green computing. This is called green disposal.

Computers and other components can reduce their negative impact on the environment if we try and create digital products like computers, servers, printers, projectors, etc with a green design. Green manufacturing techniques will help reduce the usage of energy and ultimately its negative effects on the environment.

Reduce Your Energy Footprint

Use the sleep or hibernate mode if you are leaving the computer for a while.

Rather than desktops, purchase energy-efficient laptop PCs.

To regulate energy, use the power management options.

You should make necessary preparations for the safe disposal of electronic trash,

At the end of the day shut down every computer in your use.

Instead of new ones, refill printer ink.

Rather than buying a new one, try repairing an existing computer.

Companies Using Green Computing:

  1. Intel
    World’s manufacturer of computer processors, Intel takes the lead in using green energy of up to 3,100,000,000 kWh yearly.
  2. Apple
    Apple, though not the largest green energy consumer, still the company is among the top tech companies utilizing green energy options efficiently. Apple uses green energy up to 635,000,000 kWh annually.
  3. Dell
    One of the leading companies in monitor and laptop manufacturing Dell also uses green energy as the company works towards making the world a better place to live for the generations to come. Dell uses energy from sustainable sources to power its electrical operation needs and for this purpose, the company has heavily invested in solar and wind power to make itself energy sufficient.
  4. Google
    We can’t forget Google while talking about the use of green energy. Google is one of the biggest advocates for green energy. Google has been carbon neutral and it utilizes a total of approximately 735,000,000 kWh of green energy per year since 2007. Most of the energy Google generates is used to power its data centers as it is more reliable than traditional power grid systems.
  5. Microsoft
    If we talk about the greenest technology company in the world, it is none other than Microsoft. It utilizes more than 1.3 billion kWh of green energy annually.
  6. Cisco Systems
    To support its power demands and run operations, tech company Cisco Systems is exploring the use of green energy. The company aims and is working for doubling its use of green energy.

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