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YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Steps Down

YouTube CEO Step down

Web Desk — Susan Wojcicki will be stepping down as YouTube CEO after nine years and will be replaced by the company’s CPO, Neal Mohan.

YouTube published a note on its blog in which Susan Wojcicki expressed the highlights of her career and the development of YouTube, from humble beginnings to a global giant.

She said it had been the honour of her career to have a front-row seat to the incredible YouTube community, which is incredibly strong today. Wojcicki, one of the world’s most successful and influential women in tech, first took on the CEO role nine years ago and has grown YouTube to phenomenal heights.

Wojcicki said twenty-five years ago, she decided to join a couple of Stanford graduates who were building a new search engine, adding that the company had only a few users and no revenue. She called it the best decision of her life.

YouTube’s new CEO, has been the company’s Chief Product Officer for the last seven years, and first joined Google 15 years ago, when the company acquired DoubleClick.

Wojcicki assured the YouTube users that they would continue to have someone committed to building and advocating for creators at the helm of YouTube.

Fun facts about Susan Wojcicki.

  1. Wojcicki was born and bred in Silicon Valley before it became the tech and startup hotspot it is now.
  2. She has been with Google since its beginning. Wojcicki was their 16th employee.
  3. You can thank her for the Google’s AdSense. She gave the innovative idea to adapt Google’s AdWords into the self-service platform.
  4. Wojcicki spearheaded Google’s YouTube purchase. She was in charge of Google Video at the time and YouTube was her most promising competitor.
  5. The person behind Google’s search engine dominance is Wojcicki. She is responsible for originally marketing their search engine services, which she did with a budget of exactly zero dollars.
  6. Wojcicki has impressed many YouTube creators for her efforts to engage them and understand their needs. She’s worked to understand the needs and goals of the YouTube community.
  7. Wojcicki sees virtual reality as YouTube’s next goal. She wants to empower creators to build immersive 3-D talent with Facebook and Vessel emerging as increasingly prominent viral video competitors.
  8. Wojcicki has proven that you can be a good parent and a top executive at the same time. She did balance her home life and her work life. She is an example for any leader.
  9. Today, Google is a friendly place for working parents: moms-to-be have special parking places, employees get 18 weeks of paid parental leave, and there are nursing rooms on site. Wojcicki was four months pregnant when she first started working at the company, and nobody at Google had ever taken parental leave.

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