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WhatsApp New Camera & Photo Editing Features; Coming Soon!

WhatsApp new camera and photo editing features

Web Desk — World’s popular chatting app WhatsApp is working on several features simultaneously. Though minor but some of them are quite useful updates to the camera and photo editing tool. Both are now available in WhatsApp’s latest beta version.

Finally, in its camera action, WhatsApp is going to separate its photo and video recording options. This will let you record videos without having to hold the button down as previously.

To start recording, you can swipe to the Video option and tap it once. Later, tap again to end recording, like most camera apps on Android phones do. This can easily allow you to swap between the front and rear cameras while recording.

Usually, WhatsApp launches new features to a select few users first, but that’s not the case with this update. The latest beta version, it is already available to everyone, meaning it is ready to roll out very soon.

More Photo Editing Options
Regarding the photo editing tool, WhatsApp is planning to bring more text editing options. This feature was also noticed in the latest beta version.

This makes it easier to edit the text inside images, videos, and GIFs. You will also have several font options to choose from. In the beginning, we are getting Damion, Exoz, Courier Prime, Morning Breeze, and Castiloga as font options.

Don’t forget that these are exclusive to the text editor, which means they will not be available for status updates just yet. It is possible that WhatsApp will add that option in the future.

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