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Thailand Tourism Industry Flourishing As China Opens Its Borders

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Web Desk — In what appears to be a promising development for the Thailand Tourism Industry, about one million Chinese tourists arrived in the country between January and May 18 after the reopening of China’s borders.

We all know that Thailand, a favorite tourism spot, was badly hit during the pandemic which led to layoffs.

According to the Thai Government spokesperson, Chinese visitors are expected to spend 446 billion baht ($13.18 billion) this year. On the other hand, the total number of Chinese tourists is expected to hit the five million mark.

As a large number of Chinese tourists is arriving, flights from China to Thailand rose 98% from a year earlier to 12,805 between October and April.

With only 274,000 visitors due to travel restrictions caused by the pandemic, Thailand experienced a significant decline in Chinese tourist arrivals last year.

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Thai Tourism Sector Reviving

The recent surge in arrivals will probably help recover the tourism industry of Thailand. Covid was a big blow to Thailand as the country welcomed approximately 11 million Chinese tourists in 2019.

The tourism sector plays a significant role in Thailand’s economy, and the increasing number of Chinese tourists coming has exceeded the government’s expectations. This will also help boost the employment generation.

Thailand is tourists’ favorite destination when it comes to a place for honeymoon couples, holiday goers, and globetrotters. It is loved by all those wishing to explore its distinct culture, cuisines, history, and nightlife.

Tourist Attractions in Thailand

Thailand attracts millions of tourists who want to experience its rich Buddhist cultural heritage, stunning natural beauty of Phuket and Pattaya, warm hospitality of Bangkok, mouthwatering cuisine, temples and historical sites, wellness, and spa retreats.

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