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Margot Robbie – How She Did Naked Scenes With Leonardo DiCaprio?

Margot Robbie naked scene with Lenardo DiCaprio

Web Desk — Margot Robbie – one of the most trending names on the internet, is involved in not one but multiple exciting projects. One of her much-spoken-about and viral on social media is the Barbie movie.

The actor was also in the news for being the lead in the spin-off to the Pirates Of The Caribbean which didn’t reportedly progress for some undisclosed reasons. The most recall-worthy part the actor ever played was Naomi Lapaglia in The Wolf Of Wall Street.

The Wolf Of Wall Street, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, came to life in 2013. As there were too many big names already attached to the project, the breakthrough performance as per the critical acclaim was that of Margot. The clippings of her performance are still viral on the Internet and make their way to the trending section every once in a while.

Giant Freakin Robot report says, Margot Robbie opened up on shooting that naked sequence with Leonardo DiCaprio. She revealed that she had a few shots before it. “I’m not going to lie, I had a couple of shots of tequila before that scene because I was nervous…very, very nervous,” she said.

Explaining her naked scenes for The Wolf Of Wall Street scene with Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot said, “Honestly, I know it sounds silly now, knowing how big the movie became, at the time I thought, ‘No one is going to notice me in this film. It kind of doesn’t matter what I do in this film because everyone is going to be focused on Leo [DiCaprio] and everything.”

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