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Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) Was Offered James Bond Before Daniel Craig

Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) as James Bond

Web Desk — Who will be the next James Bond after Daniel Craig’s exit is still an unresolved mystery. There have been rumors about the next James Bond and according to various sources, Henry Cavill and Idris Elba are the strongest contenders.

It will be news to many as many Hollywood actors have wanted to and even tried to have their names considered to replace Daniel Craig. Do our readers know that even before Craig walked the ground as the British spy, it was Wolverine game Hugh Jackman who was considered?

Hugh became a household name overnight as a member of the X-Men family play Wolverine. It was a character that had the most fan frenzy amid everyone else across the globe. It was obvious that many more IP roles were about to come his way and even the bigger ones. But no one could have thought that one of them was also Bond.

Hugh Jackman has confirmed that he was offered to play James Bond in the movies after Pierce Brosnan. The actor opened up about choosing roles and how he didn’t want to get stereotyped back in the day. See what the Deadpool 3 actor had to say about the same.

In a recent chat, Hugh Jackman said, “I didn’t want to do the same things. You know, the role of the hero action star. I mean, it was the meat-and-potatoes of a lot of American films, that archetype. It was all various forms of heroic guys in tough situations. I was like, ‘Uh, no. This is a problem.”

Hugh Jackman later revealed that the execs at EON productions indeed made a call back in the day and offered him James Bond for Casino Royale. “I had a look at it. I was like, ‘If I’m doing that and Wolverine, I’ll have no time to do anything else.’ I clearly find it more interesting to play people who color outside the lines,” he said.

The part then went to Daniel Craig who successfully carried the mantle for around 15 years. We can only wonder what the world would be like if Hugh Jackman was the 007 prodigy.

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