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How To Watch Turkish Drama Series “Waada” All Episodes?

Turkish drama waada

Web Desk — Famous Turkish drama ‘Waada’ got an overwhelming response both in Turkey and worldwide. Released in 2017, the drama is still very popular on YouTube.

In Turkey, Waada was aired with its original title ‘Soz’. It is 3-season Turkish drama series directed by Yagiz Alp Akaydin. The story of Waada revolves around a brave soldier who is on an official mission of catching a group of terrorists.

Story of Turkish drama series Waada:

This is the story of a young military officer called Yousaf. Yousaf is posted in Istanbul where a group of terrorists is active. Some terrorists kidnap Yousaf’s fiancee Eylem and Yousaf faces many problems to protect her.

This is a Turkish play that is full of thrill, action, suspense, and emotions.

Cast of Waada

Tolga Saritas as Yousaf Karasu
Meric Aral as Eylem Mercier
Llayada lldir as Nazli Korkmaz
Nihat Altinkaya as Erdem Altinkaya
and others…

How to Watch Turkish Web Series Waada?

You can watch Waada on YouTube in Urdu/Hindi languages

More details about Waada:

Genres: Action, Thrill
Languages: Turkish, Hindi, Urdu
Country, Turkey
Total Episodes: 84
Duration: 40 Mints

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