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Bike Sales Decline In Pakistan Due To Import Restrictions

bike sales decline in pakistan

Web Desk — Pakistan’s auto industry, since May 2022, has been on a constant decline in terms of production, sales, and revenue due to restrictions on automotive imports.

Honda Bike Sales

According to an autojournal.pk report, there was a significant decline in bike sales in April 2023. However, Atlas Honda sold over 73,528 units, witnessing a 2.4% Month over Month (MoM) increase in sales.

Yamaha & Suzuki Bike Sales

Yamaha sold 841 bikes in April which means a 50.4% MOM decline in sales. Likewise, Pak Suzuki sold 1,156 bikes, witnessing an MoM decrease of 40.8%. Chinese bike makers, on the other hand, also suffered up to 31.4% decline in sales.

The reason behind this decline in bike sales hasn’t been highlighted in the report. The auto experts are of the view that the bike makers are suffering the effects of import restrictions and subsequent production pauses.

Experts Opinion

Some auto industry analysts have different opinions. They speculate that the extra high prices are also the likely cause of the decline in bike sales. According to some market whispers, even the restoration of imports for the auto industry, won’t boos the sales in the coming days due to ongoing economic and operational hurdles.

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