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7 Life-Changing Principles of Khabib Nurmagomedov

Khabib Nurmagomedov life changing principles

Khabib Nurmagomedov, former Russian mixed martial-artist and undefeated light-weight UFC champion, has retired but still he is a source of inspiration for millions of youth, especially Muslims, around the world. Khabib, who remained undefeated throughout his professional career, advises his fans to follow a few principles. The life changing principles that Khabib wants his fans to follow are as follows:

  1. Keep mony in hand, not in mind
    Once while addressing a gathering, Khabib said he played this game for legacy not money. “Always keep money in your hand, not in mind. By keeping money in hand you can help others but if money is in your mind, it is bad,” Khabib added.
  2. Be an example
    According to Khabib, it is an internet era; so you get famous in no time. Being famous you should set a good example for your fans and supporters.
  3. Be confident and ambitious
    Khabib says he respects his opponents but none of his opponent was of his level. “I always enter the ring to win and only win.”
  4. Respect your parents
    Addressing his young fans, Khabib once advised them to always remain kind respectful towards parents. Parents are very important; never do anything that hurts them.
  5. Hardwork
    Khabib says hardwork is the key to success. The former UFC champion said hardwork would always pay back with a better reward. Keep working hard even if you are a champion.
  6. Respect Others
    Khabib says always respect your opponent because if you don’t respect others, young fans will do the same. “I always show my anger in the ring,” he added. Khabib said one should keep his emotions under control even if someone try to provoke you.
  7. Achieve your destination
    Khabib advises his fans to work hard if they want to achieve their goal. He said someone else would take your place if you relaxed.

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