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Mathira Questions Rabia Anum’s Humiliating Behaviour

mathira feels bad for mohsin abbas

Web Desk — Mathira, one of the bravest and most vocalist people regarding justice, this time comes with a different point of view on a recent viral video on social media.

Rabia Anum, recently, left Nida Yasir morning show because actor Mohsin Abbasi was also invited in the same show. Everyone appreciated her move and even celebrities applauded her for standing against domestic violence.

Mathira, however, has got some different views on the incident and she shared them publicly.

Reacting on Rabia Anum’s act, Mathira spoke that Anum’s wlked out out Nida Yasir’s show because Mohsin Abbas was also invited and she didn’t know about it.

On Rabia Anum’s action, Mathira shared her views and didn’t like her act the way she humiliated Mohsin. Mathira explained that people should have a chance to change themselves. Receiving public humiliation for a mistake they made years ago is not just. She noted, “This is so wrong, people should be given a chance to change.”

She further expressed that public humiliation was not the answer at all. Presenting herself as an example, the model also pointed out how she would have “never humiliated anyone this way” and has left shows too after feeling “uncomfortable.” “If she had a problem, she should not humiliate someone so publically.

There are times I felt uncomfortable and left the show by apologizing, but never humiliated anyone this way!” she added.

I Felt Bad For Him
Mathira later cleared the air that, she does appreciate standing against domestic violence, but Anum “should have left gracefully.” She wrote, “Standing and raising your voice against domestic violence is a great thing, but she should have left gracefully.”

She also showed her support for the Siyani actor. She said, “It’s been years and she has no right to humiliate Mohsin, I feel really bad for him.”

She concluded with a strong statement, “Try not to be a hero by stepping on someone.”
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