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Tesla’s Cybertruck Windshield Wiper Has Issues

Tesla Cybertruck windscreen wiper issue

Web Desk — The Tesla Cybertruck’s gigantic windshield wiper reportedly has some issues and as a result, isn’t working properly for some people. According to users on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum, the wiper issues are apparently to blame as Tesla has been delaying Cybertruck deliveries on short notice.

The Verge has reported one forum user saying that Tesla told them the delivery pause was due to the wiper motor, while another said their delivery was halted because of the blade. A Reddit user was told their delay was due to”a windshield wiper arm issue.”

People who already own Cybertrucks have been reporting windshield wiper issues as well. One member of the Cybertruck Forum reported recently that the wiper wasn’t working right after they took delivery and Tesla had to say that it would be “a few weeks” before their wiper motor could be replaced. Another person said his wiper never worked, adding that it took them two weeks to get a replacement part.

According to a Drive Tesla report, the wiper motors are failing “due to an internal fault stemming from a supplier quality issue.”

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