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Tokyo Olympics: Pakistani Athletes Worst Performance

Pakistani athletes worst performance at Tokyo Olympics

Web Desk — Pakistani athletes’ worst performance at Tokyo Olympics has won zero medal but lots of shame at Tokyo Olympics so far.

It is quite shameful that in just a few days half of the Pakistani athletes are out of the event even without qualifying for the medal round.

Gulfam Jeseph was the first Pakistani to get the exit from the Olympics. Joseph participated in a 10-meter air pistol competition. He did his best but could not beat his Serbian competitor. So, he could not qualify for the final round.

Mahoor Shahzad participated in Olympics for the first time. Bed Minton player Mahoor Shahzad, unfortunately, could not win even a single match. She lost her first match to a Japanese player and in the second match, an English player beat Shahzad easily.

Wight lifter Talha Talib at won time was about to win a medal but the Italian wight lifter ousted Talha Talib from the medal race by lifting just 2kg more.

Talib could not win the medal but he won the hearts of millions of Pakistanis by showing his commitment and courage to win the medal.

Swimmer Haseeb Tarib participated in the 100-meter freestyle and stood at number 62 out of 72 swimmers.

In Judo competition Pakistani athlete Shah Hussain Shah lost the fight to his Egyptian opponent Ramzan Dervesh within seconds. Shah’s performance was so disappointing that those who saw could not believe that how can a player at this level be defeated like this.

Shah Hussain Shah is son of former Pakistani boxer Hussain Shah who won a bronze medal at the Seol Olympics in 1998.

Pakistani athlete Arshad Nadeem will be seen in action in javelin throw on August 4. He is the only Pakistani athlete who qualified for Olympics on the basis of his performance.

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