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Why nurses looked like hoors to Imran Khan?

Why nurses looked like hoors to Imran Khan?

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Prime Minister Imran Khan, during a fund-raiser, in Karachi made such hilarious speech that went viral on social media. He said that nurses at Shaukat Khanum Hospital, who looked after him after he fell from the stage in 2013 during an election rally, looked like hoors (virgins) following painkillers.
“I was in deep pain due to injuries after I fell from the stage. The injection by a doctor at Shaukat Khanum Hospital not only removed the pain but enabled me to make a speech as well. The nurses who made my pain go away looked like hoors at that time,” Imran can be heard as saying in a video viral on the internet. Here it is worth-mentioning that such painkillers often induce hallucinations.
Imran also said he repeatedly asked the doctor to give him more of that painkiller injection but he the doctor refused. At one point the premier recalled threatening the doctor to do his bidding but he did not allow another injection.

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