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"Bring our loved ones back," crying parents

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The families of Pakistanis stranded in China amid the outbreakof the coronavirus known as COVID-19 have demanded the return of their loved ones and refused to accept any excuse presented by special assistants to the prime minister on overseas Pakistanis and national health services.
 They blocked Margalla Road in F-8 in protest, arguing that even Afghanistan and Bangladesh had evacuated their citizens from China and asked why Pakistan decided not to do so. They announced that they would protest and hold a sit-in outside the Chinese embassy and outside ministries if their concerns are not addressed.
 Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Syed Zulfiqar Bukhari told participants at the briefing that the coronavirus situation in China has become complicated.
 “We are aware and can realise the problem and anxiety of parents. However, we can assure you that those Pakistani citizens are in safe hands. China has also given permission for two representatives from the Pakistani embassy to visit the affected area and observe the students’ issues. Pakistan is the only country that has been sending diplomats to the affected area and even they will not be able to return without being quarantined,” he said.

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