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Sindh Govt has completely failed; Supreme Court

Sindh Govt has completely failed; Supreme Court

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 The Supreme Court of Pakistan expresses anger at the worst cleanliness situation in Karachi, stating that the Sindh government has "completely failed" in the province. 
While hearing into the nullahs encroachment case held at the Karachi registry of the apex court, Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmad told the advocate general Sindh that the provincial government had "turned entire Karachi into a goth". 
 The Chief Justice said that "The whole Karachi city is seen filled with filth and sewerage water while mosquitoes, flies and germs are everywhere. People are walking on stones [to cross sewerage water]."
 The chief justice gave some very strict remarks about the Sindh government as he said that there was "total destruction" and that Sindh government had "totally failed". 'Do we ask the federal government to rectify the province?'
 Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed said, "Rulers are the only ones who are enjoying themselves," while adding that, "This is turning into a province of total anarchy." He asked, "Who will rectify the province? Do we ask the federal government to rectify the province." "Who will provide the people with their basic rights?" The Chief Justice added. 
 The chief justice said that Karachi was a metropolitan city and that no country in the world could tolerate the destruction of its metropolitan city. The apex court has ordered the NDMA to clean all drains in Karachi

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