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Pakistan will not recognize Israel, PM Imran Khan

Pakistan will not recognize Israel, PM Imran Khan

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has made it all clear that Pakistan will have to surrender on the Kashmir issue if it recognizes Israel. Thus he categorically denied that Pakistan would ever recognise Israel. 
In an interview with anchor Kamran Khan on Dunya News PM Imran Khan said that Islamabad won't do so until Palestinians are not given their right to a "just settlement". 
“Whichever country wants to do it [recognise Israel], our stance is very clear. Our stance was cleared by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in 1947-48," said PM Imran. "Which was that we will never recognise Israel till the Palestinians do not get their rights."
He said that Pakistan would not establish diplomatic relations with Israel unles the Palestinians get a separate state of their own, which the people of Palestine accept, based on the Two-Nation Theory. 
Imran Khan made it clear that if Pakistan would have to step back on the Kashmir issue if it agreed to recognising Israel and gave up its historic and principled stance. He said the issue of Kashmir and Palestine were the same for Pakistan. 

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