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"Imran is not our target; we're struggling against his backers," Nawaz

Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, while addressing the All Parties Conference, says his struggle is not against Imran Khan but those who brought such an incapable and incompetent man to the post of prime minister by stealing the vote. 
The PML-N supreme said the loss will be irreparable if the present status-quo continues. Nawaz Sharif said Pakistan can defeat its foes only by having strong armed forces and a sound economy. He said there was need to strengthen our armed forces further. He asked the armed forces to stay away from politics as per Pakistan's constitution and Quaid-e-Azam's ideology. The former premier said the armed forces personnel should never tresspass the PM hous's walls and arrest an elected prime minister.
Nawaz Sharif asked why was there no JIT to investigate the forieng properties of Aleema Khan who does not have a rich background. He said when NAB would ask Aleema Khan about her properties in foreign countries. Nawaz Sharif also raised the question that how would Imran Khan justify his houses worth billions of rupees when he gives only few lakh income tax?
Nawaz Sharif asked the APC to chalk a concrete strategy for strengthening democracy in Pakistan. He said when people's opinion is rejected the result often comes out as fall of Dhaka. Nawaz Sharif said that the APC should bring forward recommendations in Hamoodur Rehman commission report to pull the country out of present circumstances. 
Nawaz Sharif said the Moodi government occupied Kashmir to see a week and unpopular government in Pakistan. 
He alleged that Asim Saleem Bajwa was one of the characther behing toppling the PMLN government in Balochistan. Nawaz Sharif said how can Imran Khan give clean chit to Asim Bajwa on the latter's wealth of billions of dollars. He asked will NAB or JIT investigate into this matter?
He said, "I am really thankful to all the Opposition leaders for providing me with an opportunity to address people of my country. Although I am living outside the country, I'm well aware of the circumstances and hardships our country is going through.
"I perceive this conference as a turning point for the country where we can make major decisions for the country with bravery," Nawaz said, adding that it was an opportunity to make important decisions as those pinning hopes to them would otherwise be disappointed.


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