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"Zingadi Tamasha" realse blocked in Sindh, Punjab?

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The Sindh and Punjab governments stopped the release of a film "Zindgagi Tamasha" by the Khoosat Filmmakers. The decision to block the film was taken after the Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) threatened countrywide protests. 
Khoosat Filmmakers had moved court against TLP for meddling with release of movie. The federal government has decided to approach the Council of Islamic Ideology (CCI) to seek guidance regarding this film. Here this is quite interesting to note that the film, approved by all three censor boards of the country, stirred a controversy after the TLP raised some 'absurd reasons' which critics term as baseless. 
The film director Sarmad Khoosat resorts to the court, pleading the film was approved by the censor board, but the TLP was “trying to interfere with the smooth running, public screening/releasing” of the movie. Case of the film include Arif Hassan, Eman Suleman and Ali Qureshi. 
Describing about the story of the movie, Sarmad says he had no niche and noted that Zindagi Tamasha is a story set in Lahore and one that doesn’t showcase the city as a merry, chirpy, bubbly, colorful city and just about it being the Walled City. “It’s Lahore in winter; it’s foggy and the film has a live pulse to it and is predominantly Punjabi because I wanted to keep it authentic. It has a great sense of humour about it too. I’m not using tropes and cliches and indulging in melodrama.” He says the message of Zindagi Tamasha is tolerance. 

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