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US, a "looser" in the fight against COVID-19

US, a

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US has so far reported the highest number of coronavirus infections for months and on Tursday the country saw the number of COVID-19 deaths surpass 100,000. 
A Chinese data scientist has predicted that America may need another five to eight months to be free of new cases, as it is relaxing social distancing policies and interstate travel bans, reported Global Times.
Chinese experts said the startling death toll reflected the US governance missteps, which have also worsened the crisis. The officials focused largely on pursuing short-term economic and political interests, while playing up human rights despite its disrespect for life. 
Chinese experts who expertise in China-US relations noted that the US is a "loser" in the fight against the pandemic despite receiving an early warning and having advanced medical resources and technology.
Liang Manchun, an associate research fellow at the Institute for Public Safety Research of Tsinghua University, told the Global Times on Thursday that new cases in the US would drop gradually, and the country could be free of new cases in late September provided that strict anti-pandemic measures are adopted. But Liang warned that prediction may be inaccurate due to the complex and changing realities.
Liang also noted that the US is more likely to curb the contagion after five to eight months because it had prematurely lifted restrictions.

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