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  • Deaths 7662
  • Sindh 162227
  • Punjab 114010
  • Balochistan 16744
  • KP 44097
  • Islamabad 26569
  • GB 4526
  • AJK 6000


"The worst-hit victim of Coronavirus"

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Besides human beings, tourism industry and business related to it are the worst-hit victims of Coronavirus outbreak.

Why PSL matches in Karachi may be cancelled?

A recent reported in the media reveals that Lufthansa will ground 150 aircraft out of its total fleet of around 770 due to the coronavirus.

“We are dynamically adjusting our plans to reflect extraordinary circumstances,” a Lufthansa spokesman said, adding that 25 of the 150 grounded aircraft are long-haul jets.

Coronavirus: Karachi is Pakistan's worst affected city

European airline bosses warned on Tuesday that the worst is still to come for the airline industry in terms of economic damage from the coronavirus outbreak, but they predicted that travel demand could stabilise in the coming weeks.

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