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Coronavirus: Europe under a near complete lock-down

Coronavirus: Europe under a near complete lock-down

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has called for "boldest actions" against the deadly coronavirus pandemic as the European countries observe a near complete lock down. 
From France to Germany to Spain, millions were confined to their homes as shops and restaurants closed and borders were sealed, while European leaders edged towards banning non-essential travel to the continent. The numbers of coronavirus patients are ballooning across Europe, with Italy, Spain and France especially hard hit.
The unprecented measures, never before seen in peacetime, have upended society and roiled financial markets, prompting governments to roll out emergency economic measures as fears mount of a global recession.
The sports world has been hammered too, with the Euro 2020 becoming the latest tournament to be postponed and major doubts lingering over the fate of the Tokyo Summer Olympics.
Africa, with its fragile healthcare systems, is also seeing a steady rise in cases. 
The outbreak, which first emerged in China late last year, has quickly marched across the globe, infecting more than 180,000 people and killing over 7,000.

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