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Pakistan, Russia to amend gas pipeline project

Pakistan, Russia to amend gas pipeline project

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Pakistan and Russia have agreed to amend an inter-governmental agreement to execute a $2-billion gas pipeline project by avoiding US sanctions.
The two sides had signed a government-to-government deal in October 2015 to construct the North-South liquefied natural gas (LNG) pipeline. Pakistan nominated Inter State Gas Systems (ISGS) whereas Russia designated RT Global for building the pipeline.
However, the project could not take off over the past few years as the US had slapped sanctions on RT Global.
Pakistan has continued to insist that Russia should provide a sanctions-free structure of its companies for implementing the project, which will take imported gas from Karachi to Lahore.
According to a report published in Express Tribune both sides agreed to sign a protocol to amend the government-to-government agreement in an attempt to change the structure of Russian companies nominated by Moscow and avoid sanctions.

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