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Textile exporters claim cess not applicable on them

Textile exporters claim cess not applicable on them

Web Desk - The textile industry ask the prime minister to issue directives to collect gas infrastructure deve­lopment cess (GIDC) “only from those who are liable to pay”, arguing that the sector has neither collected nor passed on the GIDC in its sales all the time the matter was pending before the court.
The demand has been made by the Council of All Pakistan Textile Association (Capta), an umbrella group consisting of 16 different associations of textile-related businesses that has come together specifically around the GIDC issue. According to Dawn, Capta Chairman Zubair Motiwala says that close to 60 per cent of the units under the body “would not be able to pay the GIDC in the post Covid scenario.”
He said textile-related industries have not passed on the impact of GIDC to its buyers as they were legally not obliged to collect or pass on for certain periods.
The Act of 2015 clearly says no guide for the period of 2011 to 2014 and it further states that those who have collected would pay, which means those who haven’t, wouldn’t pay either.
Textile industry players argue that the cess is not applicable on them, and if they are required to pay, their products will be rendered uncompetitive in international markets.
(Courtesy Dawn)


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