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Is the PML-N coming back to power?

Is the PML-N coming back to power?

 LAHORE: (Special Correspondent)

 Is the PML-N coming back to power? This is a question that people are asking once the party heads have asked their first tier leadership to convey this message to the party workers and sympathizers that ‘tough time is over and good days are coming.’

After extending full-fledged support to the Army Act Amendment Bill this impression is being spread silently but fast that “things” have settled down with the powers that be and tough time for the PML-N is over. According to news circulating in the media, the PML-N heads have directed their first tier leadership for the damage control done after extending unconditional support to the Army Act. The party’s big wigs have been assigned the task to convince the party workers that there could be no better decision than supporting the Army Act under the present circumstances. The decision, party leadership believes, would bring them closer to the power circles once again.

 Important news in this regard is Marriyam Nawaz’s meeting with the party leaders of Nawaz Sharif camp. Sources tell that this meeting took place at Raiwind in which Marriyam Nawaz explained as to why the party voted for the Army Act. According to these sources, Marriyam explained that given the situation where all parties were humbly ready to vote for the Army Act, the PML-N could not decide otherwise. Had the PML-N decided to vote out the Army Act, the party would have fallen into further political isolation along with other problems. She said, as sources disclose, the decision to support the Army Act was a positive step and time would prove that it was the right decision.

 Shahbaz Sharif, the PML-N president, has rejected the impression that Marriyam Nawaz was not on board when the party was taking the most crucial and sensitive decisions. He says the PML-N stalwarts are all on the same page.

 A party leader claims Shahbaz Sharif will return to Pakistan once he gets the green signal but it may take a couple of months. Last but not the least; whether the promises and pledges given to the Sharifs will materialize? Prominent and a well-informed journalist Hamid Mir says the promises made with the PML-N will not be kept, but let’s wait and see what happens.



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