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Court blocks ban on WeChat download

Court blocks ban on WeChat download

Web Desk - A US court blocks government’s ban on WeChat downloads, hours before it was due to take effect in an ongoing technology and espionage battle between Washington and Beijing.

 The Trump administration had ordered a ban on downloads of the messaging application WeChat along with video-sharing app TikTok. Both these companies are owned by the Chinese nationals. Both bans are now on suspension.

 A California court ruling said it granted a “motion for a nationwide injunction against the implementation” of the government order on WeChat, with the judge citing concerns over free speech. The order would have slowed WeChat down and made it unusable in the US for video chats with family and friends, according to experts.

 Owned by technology giant TenCent, WeChat has around 19 million active daily users in the US. On the other hand the President had approved a deal allowing Silicon Valley giant Oracle to become data partner for TikTok. The deal announced by the companies, includes Walmart as commercial partner and would create a new US company named TikTok Global.


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