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President Tayyip Erdogan pours his heart out for Pakistan

President Tayyip Erdogan pours his heart out for Pakistan

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan while addressing a joint session of Parliament in Islamabad on Friday — poured his heart out for Pakistan and its people by promising unflinching support for Islamabad on multiple issues including Kashmir. 
"I thank God for giving me this opportunity. I am thankful to each of you individually for allowing me to address this joint session of Parliament. I would like to convey the greeting of 83 million brothers and sisters in Turkey," said Mr Erodgan.
During his speech, President Erodgan also reiterated his country's support for Pakistan in the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). The Turkish president also said that Turkey had supported Pakistan on matters related to counter terrorism. "We assure Pakistan of Turkey's support at the Financial Action Task Force," Erdogan said. 
"Pakistan and Turkey are the countries that have been most affected by terrorism. We will continue to cooperate with Pakistan on counter-terrorism," he declared.
On the issue of occupied Kashmir, the Turkish president said that Indian-occupied Kashmir meant to Turkey exactly what it had meant to Pakistan over the years. "The relationship between Pakistan and Turkey will continue in the future like it has in the past," he added. 
Mr Erodgan said: "Today, the issue of Kashmir is as close to us as it is to you [Pakistanis]," and he reiterating his support for Kashmiris.
He said, “Our friendship is based on love and respect. Pakistan’s pain is our pain.” "Today, Pakistan and Turkey's relations are admirable for others. During difficult times, Pakistan has supported Turkey," Erdogan added. 
 He also paid tribute to the Muslims of sub-continent for their utmost support and struggle for Turkey during Khilafat Movement. He said, "Dear brothers and sisters who else should we love and feel affection for other than you." "Our friendship is not based on vested interests but on love." He said Pakistan's pain is Turkey's pain.

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