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                        حکومتی مذاکراتی کمیٹی کارہبرکمیٹی کےکنوینراکرم درانی سےرابطہ                         حکومتی ٹیم نےوزیراعظم کی زیرصدارت ہونےوالےاجلاس میں ہونےوالےفیصلوں سےآگاہ کیا                         وزیراعظم کوجاناہوگا ، عمران خان کااستعفالےکرجائیں گے،کنوینررہبرکمیٹی اکرم درانی                         مولانافضل الرحمان کبھی بھی پرویزالہیٰ سےنہیں ملیں گے، اکرم درانی                         نوازشریف کی صحت بارےمیڈیامیں بےبنیادخبریں چلائی جارہی ہیں ، ترجمان ن لیگ مریم اورنگزیب                         میڈیاسےدرخواست ہےنوازشریف کی صحت بارےخبرچلانےسےپہلےتصدیق ضرورکرے، مریم اورنگزیب                         آصف زرداری کاپمزمیں علاج جاری ، ہسپتال کےکمرےکوسب جیل قراردےدیاگیا                         آصف زرداری کوطبیعت خراب ہونےپراڈیالہ جیل سےپمزہسپتال لایاگیاتھا

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Why Maleeha Lodhi was removed? something wrong?

11 Oct 2019 98

(By Muhammad Zaheer)

Pakistan’s permanent envoy at UN Dr. Maleeha Lodhi was removed so hastily that one couldn’t help asking why? This why had so many questions within because even the stern opponents were expecting extension in her tenure after Prime Minister Imran Khan’s successful US visit and a fiery speech at United Nations General Assembly on the plight of Kashmiris. But, what happened was shocking news. The PM removed Lodhi from office as soon as he reached home and appointed senior diplomat Munir Akram as Pakistan’s permanent envoy at UN.

 Those who couldn’t swallow this news, started digging as to why the foreign office changed its UN team leader? Apparently, there are mainly two reasons that we can logically and possibly associate with her removal.

 First, recently we saw a social media campaign against Maleeha Lodhi in which people, perhaps closed with the PTI social media wing, started questioning her appointment as country’s permanent envoy for such a long time? We all remember a recent video went viral at twitter in which an unknown youth at Pakistan’s embassy at Washington was seen shouting at Lodhi while asking about her performance.

The second and perhaps the strongest reason is establishment. Insiders claim that corridors of power in Pakistan wanted Maleeha Lodhi to leave after her son married a Hindu girl in New York. According to information appeared on social media her daughter in law belong to a family closely associated with the RSS. If this is true, then we have nothing else to say that why was she removed?

 On the other hand, Ms. Lodhi said nothing negative on her removal; instead she welcomed her predecessor Munir Akram and expressed  pride in serving the country.

موجودہ دورکاحمزہ شہبازکون ؟

Author: Muhammad Zaheer

The author is a journalist. He is currently working for a news channel.

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