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                        حکومتی مذاکراتی کمیٹی کارہبرکمیٹی کےکنوینراکرم درانی سےرابطہ                         حکومتی ٹیم نےوزیراعظم کی زیرصدارت ہونےوالےاجلاس میں ہونےوالےفیصلوں سےآگاہ کیا                         وزیراعظم کوجاناہوگا ، عمران خان کااستعفالےکرجائیں گے،کنوینررہبرکمیٹی اکرم درانی                         مولانافضل الرحمان کبھی بھی پرویزالہیٰ سےنہیں ملیں گے، اکرم درانی                         نوازشریف کی صحت بارےمیڈیامیں بےبنیادخبریں چلائی جارہی ہیں ، ترجمان ن لیگ مریم اورنگزیب                         میڈیاسےدرخواست ہےنوازشریف کی صحت بارےخبرچلانےسےپہلےتصدیق ضرورکرے، مریم اورنگزیب                         آصف زرداری کاپمزمیں علاج جاری ، ہسپتال کےکمرےکوسب جیل قراردےدیاگیا                         آصف زرداری کوطبیعت خراب ہونےپراڈیالہ جیل سےپمزہسپتال لایاگیاتھا

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Shortcut( شارٹ کٹ )

My name is Khan and I'm not a ...Politician!

26 Sep 2019 101

 (By Muhammad Zaheer)

 Having seen the Modi regime’s atrocities and human rights violations in the held Kashmir, one reaches this conclusion that the world cup Prime Minister Imran Khan was talking about after his first US visit was actually the soothing lollipop President Trump gave him. Again our Prime Minister is in the US to address the UN General Assembly session and this time he looks even more active than his previous visit. You may disagree with his politics and understanding of the science of political but you will have to admit that apparently Imran Khan is doing his best to bring the human tragedy in the Indian held Kashmir to light but will this strategy work? The answer perhaps is a big NO!

 After brotherly Arab Muslim countries’ refusal to extend support on Kashmir, it seems as PM Imran is depending only on Mr. Trump’s shoulder, which for many would be the weakest thing to be trusted. Except, China, Iran and Turkey, our dearest Arab countries like Saudia Arab and UAE, as we know by the news, have categorically asked Pakistan not to drag them to the Kashmir issue by making it an issue of Ummah. News have published in Pakistan’s prominent newspapers that the foreign ministers of KSA and UAE conveyed the same message during their recent visit to Islamabad.

 What we all know but perhaps our prime minister does not know that diplomacy is a complex ball game where people and things are not judged at their face value. Trump’s offer of mediation on Kashmir does not mean that it is going in our favor. And, by the way, what to speak of mediation if India is not ready for the third-party intervention. Before making tall claims on Trump’s “generous offer” Mr. Khan should get to know that in some of the notorious disputes of international level, Trump’s role was more of a spoiler than mediator.

 It was Trump who, despite dissent by the Europe and Democrats of his own country, chose to revoke the Iran Nuclear Deal without mulling over its repercussions. It was Trump who in a most surprising move announced to cancel Doha peace talks with Taliban when they were about to entail into a logical end.

  Just a day before meeting PM Imran Khan, Trump was rubbing shoulders with Indian PM Narendra Modi at the later’s Houston rally where Modi was illegitimately showing teeth to Pakistan and President Trump openly supported Modi by speaking his language.

 Political pundits are of the view that President Trump has come into the election mode and he wants to grab the Indian vote in US as much as he can, while at the same time he wants to appease Pakistan too.

 Prime Minister Imran Khan, if he believes Trump, should ask him to pressure Modi to lift curfew from the valley first and restore its previous status later.

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Author: Muhammad Zaheer

The author is a journalist. He is currently working for a news channel.

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