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US-Taliban talks; What happened and when happened?

US-Taliban talks; What happened and when happened?
اپ لوڈ :- اِتوار 08 ستمبر 2019
ٹوٹل ریڈز :- 190

(By Muhamad Zaheer)


   What happened and when happened in US-Taliban talks?

 It was in july 2018, when US officials met with Taliban leaders for the first time in a covert meeting in Qatar.
 On September 5, Mr. Zalmay Khalilzad was inducted in US State Department as President Trump's special advisor for Afghanistan. The purpose of this appointment was to facilitate different Afghan factions for peace talks.
 On 12th October 2018, a US delegation met with the Taliban in Qatar.
 In December 2018, Taliban announced that they would meet US officials again in Qatar.
 In February 2019, Taliban and Americans started peace talks in which important Taliban leader Mullah Abdul Ghani brother was also included.
 After these talks, US envoy Zalmay Khalilzad announced that this round of talks was more constructive as compared to the past and both the parties had agreed to prepare draft for the peace agreement.
  The proposed agreement had the basic point that US and other international forces will leave Afghanistan and that the Taliban will not allow militias to operate from the Afghan soil. Pakistan played an important role in these talks. Afghan president Ashraf Ghani was not included in these talks.
 On 12th August 2019, 8 round of  talks had been completed between America and Taliban. 
 Mr. Khalilzad announced this month that draft for the peace agreement had been finalized and will be announced officially after President Trump's signatures, but the US President due to the recent Kabul attack announced to cancell talks with Taliban entirely. 
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Muhammad Zaheer

The author is a journalist. He is currently working for a news channel.

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Muhammad Zaheer

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