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Mr. Trump, it was close when you stepped back!

08 Sep 2019 52

Muhammad Zaheer + Monitoring Desk..
 Known for his impulsive nature and surprising decisions, President Trump cancelled Doha peace talks with the Afghan Taliban in the wake of brutal bombings in Kabul that killed many including civilians and members of security forces.
In his tweets, Trump expressed his anger over repeated bomb attacks in Kabul by the Taliban fighters saying peace talks and such attacks by the Taliban cannot go side by side. Most recently Taliban took credit for a suicide bomb attack in Kabul that killed a dozen people including an American soldier. 
President Trump has also cancelled his covert meeting with Afghan Taliban at Camp David and for that meeting the Taliban leadership had to arrive in US on Sunday. In his tweeter message Trump said the meeting has been canceled and he's called off peace talks with the militant group entirely.
It is worth-noting that the peace talks were in progress in Doha and both US officials and the Taliban leaders were expected to finally strike a deal regarding withdrawl of US troops along with other relevant issues. 
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 For the readers information, Afghan president Ashraf Ghani was not happy for the peace talks in Doha. While protesting at bomb attacks in Kabul, Ghani asked the US authorities that talks are meaningless when Taliban continue to attack and kill Afghan citizens and members of Afghan and American security forces. Protesting over such attack, Mr. Ghani had also cancelled his US trip that had to start from Sunday. 

Author: Muhammad Zaheer

The author is a journalist. He is currently working for a news channel.

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